Container Transport Services

Our services of domestic and international container transportation by sea has been continuously improved and upgraded during past years. Today, fast, efficient and economical transportation is what VSICO assures to clients. Read more…


Logistic Services

In Vietnam, VSICO is one of the most prestigious companies that provide logistics services. Our services include: shipping from warehouse to warehouse, rail transportation, warehousing and many other related services. Read more…


International Services

We developed international services to meet growing needs of transportation. VSICO is local agent in Vietnam for international shipping companies. VSICO also supports clients to submit import and export customs declarations, provides multimodal freight transportation. Read more…

Capacity of Transportation

Type of Transportation Quantity Carrying Capacity
Vessel 4 vessels 2500 TEUs / week
Truck Hai Phong Ho Chi Minh City
20 trucks 20 trucks
Capacity of Equipment

Type of Container Quantity Total of TEUs
20’ GP container 1950 containers 3910 TEUs
40’ HC container 980 containers

Human resources are most valuable assets of VSICO . We are always proud of the best values in our staff quality:

  • Responsibility.
  • Experience.
  • Professionalism.
  • Courtesy.
  • Co-operation.

VSICO  is one of the leading companies providing logistics services in all parts of the country. We are committed to providing you with the highest standard of quality:

  • Ensure weekly yields is certainly stable for customer.
  • Ensure ship schedules are accurate and complete.
  • Ensure quantity and quality of supplying containers.

Why choose us?

  • VSICO are committed to providing products and service with high quality, to satisfy even the most demanding requirements.
  • VSICO always do the best to maximize customers’ benefit and satisfaction. VSICO always accompany with customers, listen to understand more.
  • VSICO encourages creativity, teamwork, exchanging experiences and developing skills toghther. VSICO takes every opportunity to improve staff.
  • VSICO continuously improves quality and efficiency, enhance job performance. VSICO is certified and registered to the International Quality Management System Standard, ISO 9001: 2008, based on the cooperation of all members in company.


1606, 2015


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