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Consolidation Services

Choosing the right shipping service provider will help optimize your supply chain.

Vsico Express has an ecosystem specializing in providing daily and weekly consolidation services, directly covering the whole territory of Vietnam by sea transport, road transport (48 hours from warehouse to warehouse), and rail transport (40 hours from station to station).

With a variety of means of transport and consolidation of goods and a system of warehouses located at the main traffic locations, it has created many options for customers according to each group's needs with effective solutions for logistics costs.


Vsico Express's consolidation process

  • Receiving information from customers: Customer service or consultants will receive delivery requests 24/7 through the company's official online channels.
  • Cargo inspection: All retail shipments that need to be transported by LCL will be transferred to the appropriate warehouse and checked, sorted, packed, and loaded onto containers for transportation.
  • Loading and unloading goods onto containers for transportation
  • Loading and unloading goods, arranging transport vehicles or transshipment vehicles to the appropriate warehouse of Vsico Express 

Main consolidation route:

  • The Northern region focuses on consolidated goods from neighboring provinces to Yen Vien and Hung Yen warehouses.
  • The Central region consolidated goods from neighboring provinces to Da Nang warehouse.
  • The Southern region focuses on consolidated goods from neighboring provinces to Binh Duong warehouse, Ho Chi Minh warehouse, and Can Tho warehouse.

In addition, Vsico Express has package consolidation services from customs services - transporting goods to Vsico's central warehouse - storing, preserving, and classifying goods - transporting goods from Vsico's focal point warehouse to the customer's agent.

With a system of offices and warehouse systems in provinces and cities across the country and the use of intelligent consolidating transportation technology software, Vsico Express can closely monitor shipments to help flexibly handle situations that occur, ensuring goods are always transported safely and effectively.

With an experienced team in the transport industry, a truck system from 1.25 tons to 25 tons combined with a system of container trucks and partners by sea and railway, and a network of retail warehouses at key points across the country, Vsico Express is confident to bring customers high-quality solutions, quickly and wholeheartedly respond to customers' needs to optimize logistics costs.

Consolidation Services

Vsico Express - Prestigious Domestic Consolidation Carrier in Vietnam. 

Today, the increasing transportation needs of customers, along with the growing logistics network, significantly change the method of freight transport, making the product life cycle shorter, and the number of small orders from customers is increasing. Faced with that fact, choosing the LCL solution brings many benefits to consumers, such as saving transportation costs and minimizing risks when transporting.

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